Dumpster Diving

Last week I broke my in-ear headphones – the ones I use when I walk to work and in the gym.

Yesterday I fixed the problem by replacing them during a quick trip to Walmart (and I picked up some nice new over the ear headphones while I was at it, to use at work).

Last night when I got home I grabbed the over the ear headphones I use at home and unpacked my two new pairs to do a quick comparison. Both new pairs were better than my existing pair, and I was pleased.

This morning I got up and set about tidying the living room. All the packaging from the new headphones was in one of the shopping bags I had from Walmart, so I threw it down the garbage chute.

Five minutes later I go to put both the new pairs of headphones into my man bag to take them to the office tomorrow, and I can’t find the in-ear ones. After 15 minutes spent tearing my living room apart and throwing sofa cushions everywhere, only one conclusion remains. I’d thrown them out along with the packaging.

Luckily when I went downstairs to the garbage room the dumpster was fairly full and the bag I’d thrown out was more or less at the top. Luckily nobody had thrown any weird disgusting shit down there since I’d thrown my stuff out. Luckily the bag was tied and the headphones hadn’t fallen out and to the bottom of the dumpster.

This was my first dumpster diving experience, and I’m not keen to repeat it anytime soon. But at least I have my new headphones back.



About a month ago my credit card cracked down the centre, so I called and asked to have it replaced with a new one.

All went well until today. Seems like I forgot to tell NetflixShaw or Virgin Mobile that they can’t take their bills from the old card anymore. Oops.

Luckily Netflix were the first to notice (and cut off my service), because they’re the least important and they allow for instant reactivation.

I’ll try and remember this next year when the card expires and gets replaced again.


Pretty soon I’ll be working on improving the appearance of my daily digest posts, but for now I’m working on adding content.

I haven’t checked in anywhere since the weekend, but I think that my foursquare updates will also be included now.

Either that, or the whole thing will fail when it tries to run itself at midnight tonight. Who knows. I haven’t tested it yet.


So, I very much screwed up the script that automatically posts my daily digest updates.

It was a simple mistake, but the results were pretty profound. In a nutshell, instead of setting it to run once at midnight, I accidentally set it to run every minute where the hour on the clock was zero, the end result being 60 identical posts every night between midnight and 1am.

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t have any subscribers on here yet, but if I do then I apologise. I’ve fixed it now.

It looks like my updates from twitter and facebook are being published successfully though. Next up is flixster and foursquare. I was going to get that working tonight, but I’m extremely tired so it might just be a job for another day instead.



I’ve begun writing the code that will automatically post a daily (probably) digest of my activities from elsewhere on the web to my shiny new tumblr here, and I’m seriously thinking about bringing back late night links!

Watch this space 🙂

In other news, one of the main points of tumblr (as I understand it, anyway) is it’s social aspect. I see that you can “reblog” stuff, for example. I don’t follow anybody though. Who should I be following? Make me a suggestion in the comments. Wait… are there comments? I have much to learn.


Hello (again), world…

Recently, the automated scripts that run my website have broken. I can run them manually just fine, but I don’t really want to do that. They’re supposed to run all on their own at 16 minutes past every hour.

The website is hosted with a free provider so much as I can complain, it doesn’t mean they’ll get around to fixing it any time soon. My website is a mix of things I like to keep online. There’s a library of photos and video that I share, but increasingly in these days of social media things like that are much more fleeting – when you share something online people care about it for an hour or so, then it’s forgotten amongst the noise of newer updates from other friends.

The infrastructure for all this is not easy to maintain on an individual basis, so I think I’m just going to stop doing it.

I’m not sure yet, but tumblr just might be my new online home. I think I can write some code that will run on my home server every day to post a few automated updates so that pictures I take and updates I post elsewhere will automatically feed into here, and I won’t worry about the old photo albums and videos because nobody really cares to go that far back anyway.

But we’ll see if I ever get around to updating it or not. I haven’t updated my previous blog in two months though, so there’s not a lot of point maintaining it.