40 Days, and 40 Nights

I hear on the news there are rolling blackouts across Alberta (nothing here yet) because the heat today is causing a huge demand for power.

Because I’m a huge geek, I thought I would take the opportunity to snap this quick screenshot, just in case 😛



This evening, I have been discovering Tasker for Android. I’ve downloaded the seven day trial and I’m just getting things set up to try it out before I decide whether it’s worth $6, but it kinda seems like it is.

So far I have it set up to automatically enable WiFi when I’m at home (and disable it again when I leave), set the phone to vibrate-only when I’m in the office (and again, set it back to noisy when I leave) and turn the internet off at 10pm on school nights, midnight on weekends and turn it back on again at 6:45am (so I don’t get woken up by email or chat notifications).

There are literally hundreds of possible things you can do with it if you’re willing to invest a little time (precisely because there’s so much you can do with it there’s some complexity involved) and I already have plans to dive into in a little more depth and set up custom text notifications for some people, assuming I decide to purchase the app.

I may also have it automatically open maps/navigation if it detects I’m in the car. That one’s certainly more in-depth. The possibilities are endless!