Project Management Blogosphere

Very often on this blog you’ll find me linking to other people’s writings. They are, after all, usually much better than my own.

Most of these articles come from my feedly reading list of other blogs and sites that I follow. The list of such sites is vast and varied – everything from traditional news outlets through to blogs to cartoons.

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for some PM-focused content to follow. I came across BradEgeland.com yesterday, and I like the variety of topics he writes about. At more or less exactly the same time my friend and colleague (actually now my direct leader) Matt was discovering DPM Party by Carson Pierce.

I’ve added both to my reading list, and I’ve no doubt you’ll see me linking to an article or two from each in the not too distant future – adding my uniquely insightful commentary (ha!) as I do, of course.

Do any of you know of anything else I should be reading? Let me know in the comment!