I’m in the process of reworking my (now very old) website. It’s a great quarantine project, especially now @asiancwgrl is working in the evenings again.

As I work through it I’m discovering some awesome tools and services, so I thought I’d share a few links in no particular order.

  • OctoberCMS is a PHP-based CMS based on the Laravel framework. I’ve tried it out before, but this time around I’ve been writing a few plugins of my own to really make it do what I want. I’d also shout out the Magic Forms third-party plugin.
  • Bootstrap is the front-end framework I’m using. I’ve been aware of it for a while but I’ve never used it until now, and I don’t know I ever lived without it. The only downside is now that I know what a bootstrap-based site looks like I see them everywhere.
  • Font Awesome is a service I only learned about today and is a really simple way to use icons on a website.
  • ColorSpace for creating colour schemes