…and another update – I’ve made the u-shaped bracket for the microcontroller that I talked about in my post yesterday.

I originally thought I’d need to adjust the hole in the garbage can model to move it upward, but actually the key was putting the microcontroller into the bin with the port facing down.

It does need to be very slightly wider than it currently is, but on my test piece I did that a file and it’s looking good!


Prototype is alive!

I was worried that only having two LEDs instead of four would result in it not being bright enough, but I’m running it at half brightness with my example code and it seems great.

Next steps are to find a way to fit the tiny microcontroller I’m going to use into the bottom so the USB port lines up for power, and of course print the bin in white.


B.C. Supreme Court throws out Nanaimo man’s ‘scandalous’ $32-trillion lawsuit

Chamberlin argued his relief should include $32 trillion, the “reconstruction” of the RCMP, 500,000 shares in Tesla, the suspension of trade between Canada and China, the release of various classified documents, an MRI of his entire body and the dismantling of Transport Canada. He also sought a private meeting with the Queen and the “cleaning up of the swamp,” which was not defined more clearly in the court documents.