Flo: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We could watch that?
Me: Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of Die Hard’s opening scene.


As we were leaving the apartment this morning Flo told the dog that we were going “to work.”

I’ve spent weeks teaching him that work is something you do, not somewhere you go. We were going “to the office.”


Late Night Links – Sunday December 22nd, 2013

Welcome to what will be the final late night links of 2013! Christmas is coming up fast, and after that I’ll be away on vacation for a couple of weekends. So I’ll see you all in January, but for now let’s just get this one done.

And we’re done! Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and I’ll have more random Internet crap for you in 2014!


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I’ve been re-watching the Flyers/Rangers season of 24/7 recently, and this is a new addition to my “Get S#!+ Done” playlist as a result.